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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine for Java

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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine for Java.
Add a spell checker to Java applets, applications, and servlets you develop.

Sentry Spelling Checker Engine for Java provides everything you need to add a full, professional-quality spellchecker to your Java applications, applets, and servlets.

Sentry's BackgroundChecker class monitors JTextComponents for spelling errors in the background. A popup menu, shown here, displays suggested corrections.The Sentry Java SDK has the power and flexibility to meet your Java application's spelling checker requirements in any situation: applets, desktop applications, servlets, client/server, middleware -- the Sentry engine works wherever Java works. You can use Sentry's Java spell check engine in your application to check Strings, AWT TextArea components, and Swing JTextField, JTextArea, and JTextPane components. Sentry's API takes advantage of Java's extensible nature, allowing you to extend Sentry's classes as needed to suit application-specific requirements.

Background checking. If your application uses Swing, you're going to love Sentry's BackgroundChecker class. BackgroundChecker monitors typing in JTextFields, JTextAreas, and JTextPane (generally, any class derived from JTextComponent) for spelling errors in the background (also known as "as-you-type", passive, or "on-the-fly" spellchecking). Misspelled words are highlighted with a red zigzag underline, a feature your users will really appreciate since it's used in the major word processors they use every day. And that's not all: BackgroundChecker can create a popup menu containing suggested replacements for the misspelled word, plus optional "Ignore All" and "Add" (to user dictionary) items. You won't believe how easy it is!

Spell check dialog. Sentry Spelling Checker Engine for Java also includes AWT and Swing/JFC dialogs for setting spell check options and editing user dictionaries.Interactive checking. If you prefer an interactive spellchecker, you'll want to use the spell check dialog class, which makes adding a spell checker to your application a snap. The spell check dialog works the way your customers expect: Just like the spell checkers in leading word processors. Full source code for dialog classes in Swing and AWT is included.

Friendly, royalty free licensing. Our license agreement permits you to distribute an unlimited number of copies of the Sentry engine and dictionaries with your applications, without the burden of copy counting, royalties, or run-time fees. Plus no obtrusive product logos or branding requirements -- a simple copyright statement is all that's needed.

High quality dictionaries included. Sentry comes with superb 100,000-word American, British, and Canadian English dictionaries with comprehensive coverage of general words, contractions, abbreviations, and capitalized proper names. Words in the dictionary have been carefully selected to provide complete coverage of average English vocabulary and minimize spurious error reports.

Checking web pages. Looking to spell-check text areas in Web/HTML forms? Use the Sentry class library to create a custom client-side (applet based) or server side (servlet based) spelling checker solution. Sentry Java SDK includes six servlet examples showing different ways to interact with the user to dispose of spelling errors, including a client/server approach featuring an applet communicating with a servlet and keyword validation as might be used in a search engine. Full source code for all examples is included.

Roll-your-own user interface. If you'd prefer to provide your own user interface or to access the spell checker without a user interface, you can call Sentry's API to check the spelling of individual words or text strings, look up suggestions, add words to user dictionaries, etc.

Source code available. The full source code for the Sentry engine and related software is also available. The Sentry spell-check engine is written entirely in Java (no native code) for unparalleled cross-platform portability. It conforms to the 100% Pure Java guidelines and is fully compatible with all versions of the JDK from 1.1 onward, including J2SE and J2EE.

Free 30-day evaluation. Still not convinced? Try a free, 30-day evaluation copy of Sentry and see for yourself how easy it can be to add a spellchecker to your Windows application.

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"[An] excellent and respected spell-checking engine..."Developer's Review, April 1998

"[A] wonderful product... a real pleasure to program" -- IP, via e-mail

" awesome spell checker!" -- AG, via e-mail

"Terrific product! I just replaced [competitor's product] in our ASP application in a couple of hours. SSCE is more powerful, more flexible..." -- MF, Nashua NH

"I've been very pleased with this product." -- LT, via e-mail

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