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Technical details

Application Program Interface (API) Summary

CanUndo method
Indicates whether any undo-able changes have been made to the text in the Text property. This property is useful for enabling and disabling an "Undo" command based on whether any changes can be undone.

SavePatternFile method
Save all of the pattern files opened within the session to a single, compiled pattern file.

IgnoreAll method
Add a target id to the list of targets which should be ignored (i.e., filtered out by the Run method). A specific target can be ignored or all the targets within a category can be ignored.

OpenPatternFile method
Load the patterns contained in a pattern file into memory. Patterns in the loaded file are merged with any existing patterns in the session. Any number of pattern files can be opened.

Run method
Begin or continue searching for grammar errors or patterns in the Text property. The Run method returns when a grammar problem is encountered (a pattern is matched), a software error occurs, or the end of the text is reached. Normally, the Run method is called in a loop, which continues until the end of text is reached.

Statistics property
Obtain statistical information about the text, including number of words checked, number of sentences checked, number of characters and syllables, and the readability grade ("Fog index").

SubstituteText method
Replace a portion of the text in the text property with new text.

Text property
Contains the text to be searched when the Run method is invoked.

TextLength property
Contains the current length of the Text property in characters, not including the terminating null character. This property is useful for allocating a string large enough to hold the text property.

TextMid property
Obtain a portion (sub-string) of the Text property.

Undo method
Reverses the last change made to the text in the Text property. The original text is substituted for the new text. Calling the Undo method repeatedly will undo successive changes (in reverse order) until all changes made to the Text property have been undone. The CanUndo property indicates whether any undo-able changes are available.

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