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Sentry Spelling Checker Engine C Source Code

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Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine C Source Code


Complete ANSI C source code for a powerful, professional quality spelling checker engine. The Sentry engine is suitable for use in embedded systems, desktop applications, and servers.

Works with

Any platform that supports an ANSI C compiler, including Windows 3.x, Win9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, UNIX, Linux, Macintosh.

Will it meet my requirements?

  • See Features for a detailed list of capabilities and features.

How do I know it will work?

  • You can request a 30-day free evaluation of the non-source version of Sentry to evaluate it's functionality.

  • For questions about the source code or to see a sample of how it is written, please send e-mail to Sales.

  • Sentry has been available as a product since 1993.

How can I find out more?

Click on one of the following links, call us at (800) 340-8803 (1-613-692-0208), or send e-mail to Sales.

Pricing and licensing

  • Price: Click here for pricing.

  • Licensing: The Sentry SDK is licensed on a per-developer basis. Spell check engine and dictionaries can be redistributed with or used by an application without payment of royalties or runtime fees. A copyright notice in a reasonably visible location is required. Click here to see the text of the license agreement. Site licenses are also available; contact Sales for details.

Effort needed to integrate with your application

  • Building the Sentry source code typically takes less than 1 hour.

  • Checking the spelling of a string of words requires 20-100 lines of code.
  • Looking up suggestions for misspelled words requires 20-80 lines of code.
  • See also: Technical details

What support is available?

  • Free help with integrating Sentry with your application

  • Solutions to common problems, background information, and tips is available on our Technical Support page
  • Upgrades from any version to the current version can be purchased at any time. If you purchase an annual maintenance contract, we will send all major and minor upgrades during the year.

Why should I chose Sentry over the competition?

  • Sentry is simply the best royalty-free spelling checker engine available, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

  • Our business is spell-check engines. We know how to do it right. Sentry includes features your end-users expect, like auto correction, capitalization detection, superb suggestions, and as-you-type spell checking.
  • Our available dictionaries in 11 European languages, plus medical and legal supplements to the English dictionaries, let you expand the market for your application.
  • We have been around for a long time (since 1992), and we intend to stay around. Since 1992 we have watched several competitors come and go. It's in your interest to select a vendor with a proven track record and longevity to meet your current and future needs.

How do I order?

Order Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Source Code

Order Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Source SDK directly through Wintertree Software.

#0080 Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Source SDK


The complete ANSI C source code for the Sentry Spelling Checker Engine. Easily portable to all platforms. Ideal for desktop applications, embedded systems, and servers.
  • Source code (ANSI C) for the spell check engine

  • Source code for the Microsoft Windows DLL used in the Sentry Windows SDK
  • Includes Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Windows SDK
  • American and UK English dictionaries, each containing about 100,000 words
  • Source code for a utility program used to compress dictionaries from word lists
  • Declarations needed to access the spell check engine from C or C++ applications

  • Programmer's guide describing how to build the spell check engine and related software, how to integrate Sentry with your application, etc.
  • Source code for example applications showing how to access the engine
  • A license agreement permitting you to redistribute the spell-check engine and dictionaries with your applications.

#0098 Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Source SDK Version Upgrade


Upgrade to the current version of the Sentry Spelling Checker Engine Source SDK from the previous version. Upgrade price available only to Sentry Source SDK customers with the previous version. All product upgrades are provided at no charge to customers with a Maintenance Contract; specify your Sentry serial number when ordering.

#0149 Sentry Spelling-Checker Engine Source SDK Annual Maintenance Contract


Receive maintenance and upgrade releases automatically for one year. Available only to Sentry Source SDK customers. Specify your Sentry serial number when ordering.

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