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Customer comments

"I have just purchased your WSpell product and found it incredibly easy to use. Thank you!" RW, Burr Ridge, IL

"[I] installed WSpell, and within half an hour had it configured and working in my HTML editor... Extremely easy to work with! .... I'm very impressed with the product" — KG, via e-mail

"Orders of magnitude ahead of anything else on the market" — BB, via e-mail

"I was very impressed..." RF, via e-mail

"Nice product" — MV, Lowell MA

"Just what I need" TM, Melbourne, Australia

"I have been shopping around for a spell checker OCX for a while and... yours stands out as the best. I've been very satisfied with the product" MR, via e-mail

"I just downloaded WSpell and think it's great. Really easy to incorporate into my VB5 apps." JM, Knoxville TN

"...none better and I looked long and hard. Excellent product." — BB, Yuba City CA

"Excellent documentation!" RH, Birmingham AL

"Works great!" PH, Warroad, MN

"[I] found it very easy to integrate into my program." PP, Rohnert Park, CA

"It's performance is solid, and it's support is solid and honest." BY, Poughkeepsie, NY

"It's very easy to implement in my programs and I've had no problems with it." FRR, Usenet post

"We have tried 3 other spellcheckers, and this one seems to be the best." JG, Kamloops BC

"The *BEST* spelling ocx [I] know..." SK, Lafayette, CO

"The OCX is great and very fast..." GS, Dallas, TX

"Congratulations on a great product..." DM, via e-mail

"The spell check software works fabulously!" PN, via e-mail

"Great product!" DV, Lake Elmo MN

"I have been using [WSpell] for over a year now and found it to be fantastic." JW, via e-mail

"I, too, recommend WSPELL. I tried [competitor's product] and ditched it. Wintertree's product is far superior." -- BY, Usenet

"Thank you for producing such a fine product" -- RB, Lawrence MA

"I think WSpell is an excellent product. To have a fully working spell check facility up and running within half and hour of downloading the control is just superb. I wish all ActiveX components were this easy to use." -- MB, via e-mail

"Excellent product" -- AP, Shelton CT

"I have been using the WSpell ActiveX control now for a few months and I absolutely love it" -- CJ, via e-mail

"Congratulations on a great piece of work!" -- RD, NSW, Australia

"You guys are the best" -- TS, via e-mail

"...impressed with the ease of intergration into an existing system." -- JS, Cincinnati, OH

"...I think this is a great piece of work. It's robust, professional, and easy to use. Usually the easy to use apps are not very robust, and vice-versa. This took me no time at all to get coded into my app and worked perfectly, quickly, and with relatively little overhead. It's exactly what I was looking for." -- TM, via e-mail

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