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Wintertree Spelling Server.
High speed, high capacity spell checker for ASP or ASP.NET applications.

Add spellcheck capability to your Web forms and ASP and .NET based applications with Wintertree Spelling Server. Wintertree Spelling Server has the power you need to spell check text areas in Web/HTML forms on high-traffic Web sites and intranets which use IIS on 32-bit Windows systems (NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2003 Server, etc.).

Spell-checking is CPU intensive. Slow, inefficient spelling checkers tie up the CPU while they run. A spelling checker that takes one second to check the text submitted by a client takes one second of CPU time away from other applications running on the server — applications that could be retrieving pages, updating a database, or processing orders. Multiply that by 10, 100, or 1000 clients, and the result is timeouts, "server not available" messages, and user frustration. To meet the CPU load, you may be forced to add yet another server.

The demands made by multiple clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, may be too great for competitors' spelling products that were intended for simple desktop applications operated by a single user or, even worse, use unreliable COM interfaces to desktop word processing applications. Wintertree Spelling Server was designed from the ground up to meet the exacting demands of Web servers, where hundreds or even thousands of clients may request a spelling check simultaneously. At the same time, Wintertree Spelling Server's design keeps its use of server resources (CPU, memory, and disk space) to a minimum, leaving more available for other server-based applications.

Wintertree Spelling Server is a dedicated, independent, high-performance spelling engine for ASP and ASP.NET. You can call Wintertree Spelling Server from your form-processing applications to check the spelling of text entered in text areas and text boxes on your forms. A suite of included example applications — all with complete source code you can cut and paste — makes integration with your applications a snap.

Click here for performance measurements and more information on why the speed of a server-based spelling checker is so important.

New Version 1.9 includes 64-bit DLLs! Click here for more information.

Amazing performance.
Checks spelling at over 450,000 words per second on average server hardware — this means less server CPU time processing spelling requests, so your server has more time available to perform other tasks. Plus, your clients get their results faster.

No limit on the number of simultaneous clients.
Wintertree Spelling Server handles requests from multiple clients simultaneously, with no fixed limit on the number of concurrent clients.

No blocking required.
Wintertree Spelling Server's design supports concurrent spelling-check requests from multiple clients with no need for internal or external locking or semaphores and no need for session- or client-level initialization. This means higher throughput for faster turn-around time and reduced CPU load.

Works independently. No other software required.
Wintertree Spelling Server contains its own spelling engine, and does not require nor does it use Microsoft Word or any other software, unlike many competing products. This simple approach yields a more reliable, robust solution, fewer configuration headaches, and vastly better performance.

High-quality dictionaries included.
Wintertree Spelling Server comes with superb 100,000-word American, British, and Canadian English dictionaries with comprehensive coverage of general words, contractions, abbreviations, and capitalized proper names. Words in the dictionary have been carefully selected to provide complete coverage of average English vocabulary and minimize spurious error reports.

Each spelling request can check spelling in a different language. Dictionaries in 11 Western European languages, plus medical and legal supplements, are available separately from Wintertree Software.

User dictionary.
Clients can add their own words to a user dictionary at run-time. Words in the user dictionary may be offered as suggestions for misspelled words.

Custom dictionaries.
You can create any number of custom dictionaries containing application-specific words and make them available for use by all clients.

Comprehensive suite of example applications included.
VBScript (ASP), C# (ASP.NET), and Visual Basic.NET (ASP.NET) source code for example applications are included that demonstrate typical uses of Web-based spellchecking. Click here for live demos of some of the examples.

Client/Server spell checking.
Although the spelling checker runs entirely on the server, Wintertree Spelling Server's flexible configuration options support off-loading user interaction to the client via an included applet or pop-up HTML form, for true Client/Server spell checking.

Fully customizable.
Make the user interface look and act the way you want. Appearance of forms returned to the client is determined by scripts and HTML template files that can be edited using your favorite HTML editor. Behavior of the user interface is controlled by easily modifiable VBScript, C#, Visual, and JavaScript so you can achieve the look and feel you want.

Intelligent suggestions for misspelled words.
Wintertree Spelling Server can locate suggested replacements using typographical (looks like) matching, phonetic (sounds like) matching, or both. Suggestions are returned in order of decreasing probability of correctness. The first offered suggestion is usually the correct replacement for words containing a single error.

Case sensitive.
Wintertree Spelling Server detects Incorrect capitalization (e.g., canada instead of Canada). Case sensitivity can be disabled if necessary via a simple run-time option setting. Dictionaries included with Wintertree Spelling Server contain correct capitalization forms.

Auto correction.
Wintertree Spelling Server can automatically or conditionally correct common misspellings (e.g., replace recieve with receive). A dictionary containing hundreds of common misspellings and their correct replacements is included. Abbreviations can also be expanded using this feature — e.g., replace WSI with Wintertree Software Inc.

Doubled word detection.
Wintertree Spelling Server can detect repeated words (e.g., Paris in the the spring).

Two editions available.
Wintertree Spelling Server is available in two editions to meet a broad range of site requirements and budgets: The XE edition is ideal for high-traffic production Internet and intranet sites where maximum throughput and minimum response time and CPU load is a must. The lower-priced DE edition is suitable for low to moderate traffic sites and for use on development, testing, QA, and staging servers. Click here for more information on the differences between the two versions.

Click here to order or find out more about Wintertree Spelling Server

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"Thanks for making a great product... It really helped us out." -- BM via e-mail

"This spell checker is excellent." -- TN via e-mail

"Great product!" -- AW via e-mail

"Please pass along my compliments to the development staff. I was very happy that the install program on my server worked without any fuss or muss and my .NET application immediately worked with the spell server." -- AR, North Reading, MA

"I'm impressed with the Spelling Server's performance -- especially how quickly and accurately it finds suggested words." -- IP, Montgomery, AL


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